March on Harrisburg

by Frank Kirkwood

Well, I’ve been away from the blog for quite a while.  But I have a good excuse, I have been organizing and agitating with March on Harrisburg.  We have been marching on Harrisburg (literally, not just metaphorically), visiting almost all our legislators, engaging in non-violent direct actions, and marching, once from Philadelphia to Harrisburg and then from Lancaster to Harrisburg.

We are asking the legislature to pass a Pennsylvania constitutional amendment to take re-districting out of the hands of self-serving legislative leaders and put it in the hands of a citizens commission.  We are also agitating to get them to pass a ban on gifts to legislators.  Right now, lobbyists can give meals, drinks, nights on the town, event tickets, even vacations to your representative – all perfectly legal and much of it never has to be reported.

Gifts are a way of life in the legislature, it is the way business is done.  It is really just another form of the payments by lobbyists to the campaign committees of legislative candidates.  All perfectly legal and all perfectly corrupting!   So, we are starting with the gift ban.

Check it out:  March on Harrisburg.